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  1. Name: Svetlana Bobkova
    Photo of Svetlana Bobkova
    Place of work: Moscow State University, Department of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics
    Date of birth:14.08.1984
    Research title: Focusing of high intensity ultrasound in the presence of acoustic obstacles in the medium.
    Main results:

    Substantial limitation of clinical applications of high intensity focused ultrasound for noninvasive destruction of tissues inside a human body is a presence of strongly reflecting or absorbing acoustic obstacles in the ultrasound propagation path. An important example of such obstacles is the bones of thorax (ribs), which complicate carrying out noninvasive surgical operations, in particular, on the heart and on the liver. A possibility to provide more effective destruction of tissues located behind the ribs while keeping safe levels of pressure and temperature on the ribs themselves becomes real due to the development of modern therapeutic phased arrays. The goal of the work was theoretical and experimental investigation of the efficacy of high intensity ultrasound focusing through obstacles as the ribs, (2) formulating and developing the methods of dynamical focusing with the use of phased arrays. In theoretical research the phase conjugation method and methods of optimization of the amplitude and phase distributions on the elements of the array was used to obtain such field distribution, in which the ultrasound effect on the ribs is minimal and acceptable focusing is achieved. The results of the theoretical studies were compared with experimental measurements performed with the 256 element therapeutic array and found in good agreement. The results suggest that the method is potentially useful for clinical applications of HIFU for which the rib cage lies between the transducer(s) and the targeted tissue.

    Main publications:
    1. Bobkova S., Shaw A., Gavrilov L., et al. Feasibility of HIFU tissue ablation in the presence of ribs using a 2D random phased array. // Proceedings of the 9-th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound- ISTU 2009, edited by K. Hynynen, J. Souquet, American Institute of Physics, 2010, P. 27-30.
    2. Bobkova S., Gavrilov L., Khokhlova V. et al. Focusing of high intensity ultrasound through the rib cage using therapeutic random phased array. // Ultrasound Med Biol., 2010, 36 (in press).
    3. Khokhlova V.A., Bobkova S.M., Gavrilov L.R. Focus splitting caused by high intensity focused ultrasound propagation through the rib cage // Acoust. Phys. 2010, 56 (in press)
  2. Name: Dmitriy Borovoy
    Photo of Dmitriy Borovoy
    Place of work: V.I.Il`ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute
    Date of birth:25.07.1984
    Research title: The study of sound scattering and small-scale heterogeneity structure by acoustic sounding.
    Main results:

    Because of possibility to estimate structure of sea medium the study of characteristics of sound scattering is of interest. Such possibility is especially important near the frontal zones and boundaries of currents. For studying of temporal variability of structure of sea medium a bottom radiating systems will be used. The spatial structure is supposed to be studied on sea expeditions on board Science Research Vessel "Malachite", belonging Pacific Oceanological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A fundamental question for studying of structure of small-scale inhomogeneities is the question on a view of a distribution function of inclusions in the sizes. For a data recording it is supposed to use multichannel high-frequency ADC, available laboratories of hydrophysics. The created software will allow to make a preprocessing of the gained data in the shortest terms. After gaining of the information about sound scattering in a wide frequency band it will be possible to spot a distribution function of resonant inserts in the sizes. Thus, main objective consists in making and approbation of a broadband acoustic method of sounding of small-scale inhomogeneities of sea medium. The primary goal consists in studying of allocation of gas vials in upper layer of sea water under various conditions.

    Main publications:
    1. V.A. Bulanov, D.I. Borovoy, E.A. Zhukov, I.V. Korskov, P.N. Popov. Investigations of scattering of sound by small-scale irregularities along the trails in the Gulf of Peter the Great // Current state and trends of the natural environment in the Gulf of Peter the Great Bay / Editor. Ed. A.S. Astakhov, V.B. Lobanov. - M.: GEOS, 2008. - 442 pp., P.384-397.
    2. Akulichev V.A., Bulanov V.A., Borovoj D.I., Korskov I.V., Popov P.N. "Researches of sound scattering in the subsurface sea layer". Proceeding of the 10th Western Pacific Acoustics Conference WESPAC X, 21-23 September 2009, Beijing, China // Institute of Acoustics, China Academy of Sciences / Western Pacific Commission for Acoustics. - Paper 0191, 8 pp.
    3. Borovoy D.I. Acoustic studies of the distribution of bubbles sizes in the surface layer of the sea / / 4-th Conf. Young Scientists, 18-22 May 2009., Vladivostok, Russia: mes. Proceedings. Russian. Acad. Sciences, Far East. State, V.I. Il'icheva Pacific Oceanlological Inst. - Vladivostok: Pacific Oceanological Institute, 2009. P.6.
    4. Bulanov V.A., Borovoy D.I., Korskov I.V., Storozhenko A.V., Popov P.N., Studies of the scattering of sound in shallow water with bottom station / / Reports XII Science School Seminar. Acad. Brekhovskikh "Acoustics of the Ocean", combined with the XXI session of the Russian Acoustical Society: M.: GEOS, 2009, 486pp. P.141-144.
  3. Name: Antonina Gonnova (Leonova)
    Photo of Antonina Gonnova (Leonova)
    Place of work: Technological Institute of South Federal University, Taganrog
    Date of birth:14.07.1985
    Research title: The research to influence nonlinear effects on interaction process intensive focused ultrasound with tissue.
    Main results:

    In last years the development surgery methods with minimal damages has essential interest. In the middle of such surgery methods the surgery methods based on using focusing ultrasound is successful. The surgery methods based on using focusing ultrasound destroys new growths. The focusing radiator for acoustical hyperthermia is creates in focus field with intensity up to 5 kW/cm2 on frequency (1-4) MHz, which typical nonlinear length is millimeters. It means, that basic monochromic wave transforms in sawtooth wave on millimeters of tissue. This is faint shock wave order. After faint shock front is creates the absorption in surroundings is nonlinear, which to exceed in 10s the linear absorption, that is to say, the heating surroundings by ultrasound field is determines nonlinear effects. Nonlinear effects is so higher in fields of lithotripters, where pressure on single shock front is 1000 physical atmosphere. The base wave is subsiding, useful role of nonlinear effects in neighbo small focus is decreases from nonlinear loss energy on the path to the focus. We will can deliver the ultrasound higher density energy without considerable losses by focus and realize local isolation in focal field, if we special profile synthesizes. We is going to solve a nonlinear inverted problem for that. The author spent some researches with this purpose [4, 5, 6, 9]. The base of single period profile mast have a pointed maximum in positive acoustical pressure and a smoothed maximum in negative acoustical pressure. The other impotent problem nonlinear researches is feature creation focusing radiators, especially to creation single elements. Because the most impotent requirement in lithotripsy radiated short acoustical impulses. The results of development single elements which radiated short acoustical impulses no more 0,6 ?s represented in researches. The area focusing (heating) can deform in case of nonlinear environment. The area heating (focusing) repeats form acoustical focus area usually. She was called "cigar-shaped" form. However if a segment was radiated consists from different types tissues, the form of area destruction will predict difficult. As the ultrasound transits through the layered sphere - skin, fatty tissue, muscular tissue therefore the question about level and character to influence the layers on characteristics of focusing radiator field arises. The researches was devoted of this problem. Reveal, that if high-power ultrasound transits through the layered sphere bio tissue the ultrasound beam defocuses because difference acoustical impedance layers. As a result the focal point changes form that is become drop-shaped.

    Main publications:
    1. Chernov N.N. Gonnova A.V. The wide-band piezoelectric transmitter for surgeon// Collected references XŇ R└╬, ╠: G┼╬Đ.-V. 2.-Đ.- 88 2008.
    2. Gonnova A.V. Chernov N.N. The development wide-band piezoelectric transmitter for array antenna lithotripter//Taganrog: Proceedings of the SFU. Technical scences.-2008 ╣6.- p. 257.
    3. Leonova A.V., Grivzov V.V. Modelling the process of high-power ultrasound transits through the layered bio tissue //Taganrog: Proceedings of the SFU. Technical scences.-2009.-╣7.-P.158-162.
    4. Leonova A.V., Chernov N.N. The experimental equipment for researches tight beam ultrasound transits through the layered bio tissue// "The perspective fundamental and applied science in sphere of medical instrument making. Taganrog: Proceedings of the SFU. Technical scences."-2009.- V. 99. ╣10 (9) P. 155-159.
  4. Name: Anna Klemina
    Photo of Anna Klemina
    Place of work: N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhniy Novgorod
    Date of birth:17.03.1983
    Research title: Ultrasonic interferometry of small volumes of biological liquids.
    Main results:

    Investigation of ultrasonic characteristics of biological fluids for the purposes of medical diagnostics is the important problem, because of the analysis of interaction of ultrasonic waves with biomacromolecules allows to receive the unique information on their structure and properties. Now in use biochemical methods and the equipment for definition of a composition of the complex biological fluids, such blood serum and whole blood of the person, have a lot of essential deficiencies, such as - insufficient precision and the long time of carrying out of the analysis, use of chemical agents, and also dependence of results on quality of the given chemical agents. One of few methods, allowing to measure velocity and absorption of ultrasound in biological fluids with sufficient precision is a method of a ultrasonic interferometer of constant length. The basic purpose of my scientific examinations is theoretical and experimental studying a ultrasonic interferometer of constant length midget (less than 100 mkl) volume for medical laboratory diagnostics. Scientific novelty of examination consists that ultrasonic methods in medical to laboratory diagnostics are not used. In examinations analyzer "BIOM" which is intended for definition of concentration of substances in water-salt solutions, and also in blood serum and whole blood of the person has been used by methods of biophysical acoustics. During examination new procedures of the analysis of a composition of the complex multicomponent biological mediums on the basis of precision measuring velocity and absorption of ultrasound have been developed, and also analytical characteristics of a ultrasonic method (the analysis of a composition, convergence, reproducibility, diagnostic sensitivity) are analyzed at definition biochemical and hematology indices of blood. For information support of operation of the device special programs of fast definition of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the device (the order of several seconds) with the purpose of diminution of influence of temperature drift on performances of the explored sample are created. This is important for reception of qualitative frequency and temperature dependences of velocity and absorption of ultrasound in biological media. Results of the lead examinations have allowed to develop ultrasonic methods of definition SOE (velocity of a sedimentation of red blood cells), concentrations of hemoglobin and red blood cells of whole blood and the whole protein and protein fractions and lipid components blood serum of the person.

    Main publications:
    1. Gurbatov S.N., Klemina A.V., Demin I.Yu. Acoustic method of definition of erythrocyte sedimentation rate // Proceedings of XX session of the Russian Acoustical Society. 2008. V. 3. P. 133-136.
    2. Klemina A., Sarvazyan A. Use of radiation force of standing acoustic wave in assessment of erythrocyte sedimentation rate // Abstracts of the International Congress on ULTRASONICS, Santiago, Chile, Jan 11-17, 2009, p.34.
    3. Gurbatov S.N., Klemina A.V., Demin I.Yu., Klemin V.A. Acoustic analysis of structure of blood serum of the person // Acoustical Physics. 2009. V. 55. ╣ 4-5. P. 496-505.
    4. Gurbatov S.N., Klemina A.V., Demin I.Yu., Klemin V.A. Definition of structure of blood serum of the person on no reagent acoustic analyzer "BIOM"// News SFU. Engineering science. 2009. ╣ 10 (99). P. 209-214. (in Russian)
  5. Name: Timofey Krit
    Photo of Timofey Krit
    Place of work: Moscow State University, Department of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics
    Date of birth:19.03.1986
    Research title: Study of shear waves in media with cubic nonlinearity.
    Main results:

    Shear waves of finite amplitude were investigated in one-dimensional resonator, represented by layer of a rubber-like medium with a rigid plate of finite mass on the top surface of the layer. The bottom surface of the layer oscillated harmonically with fixed acceleration amplitude. Amplitude and profiles of shear waves were calculated numerically by means of finite difference method for the displaced grids. Resonance curves were obtained at different acceleration amplitudes of the bottom interface of the layer. Numerical modelling showed that region of bistability could be observed at large amplitudes. Measurements were performed with a resonator filled with 15-mm layer of rubber-like polymer plastisol. Shear modulus for small displacements and nonlinear coefficient of the medium were obtained from measured dependence of mechanical stress versus shear strain. Oscillation amplitudes in the resonator reached values that correspond to maximum layer strain values 0.4 - 0.6, so that nonlinear effects could be observed. It was shown both numerically and experimentally that as amplitude of oscillations in the resonator increased, resonance frequency increased, and form of resonance curve became asymmetrical. However, there was quantitative disagreement between nonlinear coefficient values measured from dependencies of resonance frequency versus oscillation amplitude and from static stress-strain dependence. The preliminary conclusions that this disagreement is caused by dependence of shear viscosity versus amplitude should be examined in the further research.

    Main publications:
    1. A.S. Averina, T.B. Krit, V.G. Andreev Measurement of nonlinear shear modulus of rubberlike polymer with static load method // International Scientific Conference for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and young scientists "Lomonosov-2007" thesis 11-14 April 2007, Moscow, Section "Chemistry". CD.
    2. T.B. Krit, A.S. Averina, O.A. Sapozhnikov, V.G. Andreev Shear oscillations of rubber-like polymer layer, loaded with a plate of finite mass // In: Proc. of the XIX session of the Russian Acoustics So˝iety. http://rao.akin.ru/rao/sess19/sectRD.htm Pp.167-170.
    3. T.B. Krit, V.G. Andreev Measurement of nonlinear shear modulus of rubberlike medium using fixed thickness layer deformation method // XI All-Russian school "Wave effects in inhomogeneous media" thesis 26-31 May 2008, Zvenigorod. Chapter 1. P.27.
    4. V.G. Andreev, T.B. Krit, O.A. Sapozhnikov Standing waves in an elastic layer loaded with a finite mass // Acoust. Phys. 2010. V. 56. No. 2. P. 168-173.
  6. Name: Ul'yana Lysenko
    Photo of Ul'yana Lysenko
    Place of work: V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute, FEB RAS
    Date of birth:17.09.1984
    Research title: Solution of a 3-dimentional task of rsb hydrophones positioning.
    Main results:

    The acoustic tomography is one of the most perspective methods of investigation of dynamic processes in ocean. Application of such methods allows us to research the structure and to monitor water mass dynamics in the real time mode, but at the same time it needs active implementation of information technology. By means of developed special software the experimental data received in 2007-2009 from drifting radio sonar buoy field were processed. During data processing the depth of hydrophones submergence was taken into account. It allowed to increase system reliability and to reduce measurement errors. Location of hydrophones at different depths, in different layers of oceanic medium gives us an opportunity to carry out spatial measurements and to develop the three-dimensional model of the acoustic field, to investigate dependence between a transfer function of the channel of sound propagation and the medium parameters. For theoretical modelling it is necessary to have the large volume of long-term supervision for all parameters taken into account besides this information should be checked up and systematized, it should have necessary levels of access. That's why there is a necessity to develop an information system, consisting of appending databases which include: - the results of hydroacoustic measurements; - the results of hydrological measurements, a relief of bottom and structure of bottom sediments; - software of the applied programs (SAP) for registration, processing, ordering and storing of information. Presently, it is developed the conceptual model of a database of results of complex investigations of sound propagation channel, carried out in 2005-2009 at the marine hydrophysical research test site of the POI FEB RAS, the MEB (Marine Experimental Base) "Schultz' Cape " in the Vityaz' Bay area. The measurements were carried out by means of horizontal sounding of sea medium by tone and compound signals at quasi-stationary routes, the reception was carried out by hydrophones of radio sonar buoys field. Developing database servers not only for ordering and accumulation of experimental data, but also it includes statistical estimations of available arrays, the results of spectral and correlation processing. Reception of the information containing in a DB, by means of different level requests allows to compare the characteristics, received both in identical, and in different hydrophysical conditions, and also to increase reliability of received results.

    Main publications:
    1. O.S. Gromasheva, U.A.Lysenko, V.A. Yukhnovskiy SOLUTION OF A 3-DIMENTIONAL TASK OF RSB HYDROPHONES POSITIONING// Collection of papers 20 session of the RAS. 2008. V.2. Pp. 410-414.
  7. Name: Lev Matveev
    Photo of Lev Matveev
    Place of work: The Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS, Nizhniy Novgorod)
    Date of birth: 18.05.1984
    Research title: "Non-classical" manifestations of the microstructure-induced acoustic nonlinearity buoys.
    Main results:

    Comparison of recent theoretical estimates with experiments has indicated that for the conventional modulation technique of crack detection, the background modulation due to intrinsic quadratic atomic nonlinearity of the matrix material becomes the main factor which limits the ultimate sensitivity of the method. Much smaller level of masking nonlinear effects is typical of higher-order interactions (due to cubic and higher terms in the power-series expansion of the stress-strain relationship of the material). In contrast, the level of formally higher-order components originated due to crack-like defects can be comparable with that of the first-order components. This strongly increased efficiency of higher-order interactions is due to the fact that crack-like defects often demonstrate non-analytic (non power-law) nonlinearity even for moderate acoustic amplitudes. In addition, higher-order components arisen due to non-analytic nonlinearity of the defects can demonstrate significantly different functional behavior compared to manifestations of atomic nonlinearity. Such functional features can also help to discriminate the contributions of the defects and the background atomic nonlinearity. Among the main results of the conducted research, I can mention the revealed differences between the modulation components arisen due to cubic terms in the power-series expansion of the atomic nonlinearity and similar components generated by clapping Hertzian nonlinearity of inner contacts in cracks. Experimental examples of higher-order modulational interactions in damaged samples have also been examined. These examples clearly indicate non-analytical character of the defects' nonlinearity and demonstrate that the use of higher-order modulational effects can significantly improve the ultimate sensitivity of the modulation approach and ensure better reliability of defect detection. Besides the increased level, the revealed functional features of the higher-order modulation components can efficiently be used as an additional important signature of the presence of crack-like defects.

    Main publications:
    1. V.Yu. Zaitsev, L.A. Matveev "Strain-amplitude dependent dissipation in linearly dissipative and nonlinear elastic microinhomogeneous media", Russian Geology and Geophysics, 2006, V. 47, No. 5, p. 694.
    2. V.Yu. Zaitsev, V.A. Saltykov, L.A. Matveev "Relation between the Tidal Modulation of Seismic Noise and the Amplitude-Dependent Loss in Rock", Acoustical Physics, 2008, V. 54, No. 4, p. 538-545.
    3. V.Yu. Zatsev, L.A. Matveev, A.L. Matveev, and W. Arnold "Cascade Cross Modulation Due to the Nonlinear Interaction of Elastic Waves in Samples with Cracks", Acoustical Physics, 2008, V. 54, No. 3, p. 398-407.
    4. V. Yu.Zaitsev, L.A. Matveev, A.L. Matveyev On the ultimate sensitivity of nonlinear-acoustic methods of crack detection, NDT&E int., 2009, V. 42, No. 7, p. 622-629.
    5. V. Yu. Zaitsev, A Dyskin, E Pasternak, L.A. Matveev Microstructure-induced giant elastic nonlinearity of threshold origin: Mechanism and experimental demonstration, Europhysics Letters, 2009, V. 86, p. 44005 1-6.
  8. Name: Alexey Moiseyev
    Photo of Alexey Moiseyev
    Place of work: Ulyanovsk state technical university
    Date of birth: 17.07.1987
    Research title: Magnetoelastic and magnetistatic waves in system of two ferromagnetic crystals with the relative longitudinal moving, divided by a gap.
    Main results:

    The purpose of research is studying features of distribution magnetoelastic and magnetistatic waves in system of two ferromagnetic crystals with the relative longitudinal moving, divided a vacuum gap.

    1. The tunneling of a plane monochromatic acoustic wave via a gap between two ferromagnetic crystals exhibiting relative longitudinal displacement has been studied. It is shown that, at a gap width comparable with the wavelength, the acoustic wave can exhibit complete transmission at the Damon-Eshbach mode frequency. If the gap width is much smaller than the wavelength, the complete transmission takes place at two resonance frequencies. Allowance for the longitudinal displacement of one crystal leads in all cases to violation of the resonance conditions, which results in a significant decrease in the transmission coefficient. The greater the velocity of crystal displacement, the stronger the decrease in the acoustic wave transmission though the gap between ferromagnetic crystals [1].

    2. The distribution of a surface magnetistatic waves in a gap between a ferromagnetics with opposite magnetizations exhibiting relative longitudinal displacement has been researched. It is shown that relative displacement of crystals considerably changes the spectrum of magnetistatic waves. In particular it has been found that with the certain values of gap width, relative movement speed and wavelength of magnetistatic waves normal (abnormal) dispersion of a symmetric (antisymmetric) surface structure mode is tramsformed to abnormal (normal) dispersion type [2].

    Main publications:
    1. E.A.Vilkov, A.V.Moiseyev, V.G.Shavrov, "Magnetoelastic wave tunneling via a gap between ferroelectric crystals with relative longitudinal displacement", Pi'sma v Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2009, Vol. 35, No. 9, pp. 876-878.
    2. E.A.Vilkov, A.V.Moiseev, "Surface magnetistatic waves in a gap of ferromagnetic crystals with relative longitudinal moving", Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki, 2010, Vol. 80. No. 6. pp. 138-140.
  9. Name: Kristina Schwarz
    Photo of Kristina Schwarz
    Place of work: Moscow State University, Geological faculty, Departament of Engineering and Ecological Geology
    Date of birth: 14.05.1987
    Research title: Estimation of structurally-sensitive coefficient in minerals and rock through acoustic emission.
    Main results:

    An attempt to estimate structural strength of rocks from the positions of thermo-kinetic theory of strength of materials was undertaken, using acoustic emission as a method. The characteristic of the studied rocks on physicomechanical parameters and background activity on AE is preliminary given. Experiments are spent at various static and dynamically loadings. Stresses and the AE total count per time unit are measured during the tests. The assumption is come out that kinetic of AE is depend of particular films in tuffs. It is used thermokinetic approach to destruction of rocks which considers destruction as a process of change of local stress as a result of change of energy condition of material interconnections. In this research based on positions of the theory of a heredity and proceeding from the curve of durability constructed by results of acoustoemission measurements, parameters of curves are defined; the structurally-sensitive coefficient on an example of studied tuffs is also calculated.

    Main publications:
    1. Panasiyan L.L., Frolova J.V., Schwarz K.A. ┼stimation of structurally-sensitive coefficient in tuffs througth acoustic emission. / Physical acoustics. Nonlinear acoustics. Propagation and wave diffraction. Geological acoustics. Collection of the works OF THE XX session of Russian acoustic society. - M.: GEOS, 2008. - T.1. - P. 294-298.
  10. Name: Gennadiy Soldatov
    Photo of Gennadiy Soldatov
    Place of work: Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering
    Date of birth: 07.06.1986
    Research title: Research of acoustic properties of marine sub-bottom sediments on the basis of technology of nonlinear hydroacoustics.
    Main results:

    Sub-bottom profiling is one of the most prospect direction of development parametric devices. Basis of research is nonlinear acoustics theory. We can see structure of bottom sediment layers with great accuracy. This research would be used in hydro acoustics engineering, in geological prospecting of interior, in environmental researches. One of the most interesting and useful problems is remote classification bottom sediment in accord with their acoustic characteristics. Technologies of nonlinear hydro acoustic give an inestimable contribution to marine researches. Extraordinary broadbandness, high directivity, great constancy in wide frequency band let us to get dates and analyze results on different frequencies. So we can recognize sediments by their acoustic characteristics. The result of dissertation would be development of principle of construction equipments basis on results of research. Theoretical bases of methodology of classification of ground sedimentary layers with application of devices on the basis of technologies of nonlinear acoustics are considered by the author in works. Methods of classification of ground deposits can be divided on two groups: methods the reflexions based on physical model, refractions, refractions of waves in the layered environment, and methods based on allocation of statistical parametres from acoustic signals. Speed of a sound in an investigated layer can be defined on critical angles of falling and a method of beam parametre. The acoustic impedance in an investigated layer can be defined on peak factors of reflexion. Knowing an acoustic impedance and speed of a sound, it is possible to define density. On density and speed of a sound it is possible unequivocally define ground type. Properties of ground deposits can be certain on character of absorption of acoustic waves. Having defined frequency dependence of factor of absorption, there is possible a definition of structure of sea deposits. In September, 2009 natural experiments with use of parametric devices in the city of Gelendzhik have been made. Results of tests are described in work. Natural experiments have confirmed possibility of classification of a sea ground with parametric devices on frequency dependence of attenuation. Unlike usual profiler, parametric profiler sound the same site within the narrow beam identical on all frequencies of a low-frequency signal, providing the greatest spatial permission and reliability of measured parameters. Parametric devices give the chance to receive peak-frequency dependence of the signals reflected by a bottom in a wide range of frequencies (1-2 octaves) that allows to spend classification by the methods using spectral characteristics of signals.

    Main publications:
    1. Soldatov G. V, Tarasov S.P., Chaus T.A. Remote a hydroacoustic method of ecological monitoring of a bottom of shallow reservoirs and a shelf of the seas. News SFU. Engineering science. Thematic release. "Ecology 2009 - the person and the sea". Taganrog: Publishing house TTI SFU, 2009, 6 (95). - Đ.137-143.
    2. Soldatov G. V, Snesarev S.S., A.I. Automat's Badgers installation for measurement of parametres of converters in systems of the ecological control. News SFU. Engineering science. Thematic release. "Ecology 2009 - the person and the sea". Taganrog: Publishing house TTI SFU, 2009, 6 (95). - Đ.123-136.
    3. Soldatov G. V, Tarasov S.P. Ecological monitoring researches of a water inhabitancy by a method of hydroacoustic diagnostics. News SFU. Engineering science. Thematic release. "Prospects of medical instrument making". Taganrog: Publishing house TTI SFU, 2009 ,9 (95). - Đ.228-233.
  11. Name: Olga Trishina
    Photo of Olga Trishina
    Place of work: Geological Institute, Kola Science Centre, RAS.
    Date of birth: 15.10.1975
    Research title: Investigation of elastic-anisotropic properties of deep xenoliths and rocks from superdeep boreholes with the object of compiling a velocity section of the Earth's crust, taking into account real anisotropy and heterogeneity.
    Main results:

    For this investigation, 43 samples from a Finnish Deep Drill Hole (Outokumpu, 2.5 km) and 15 xenolith samples from the Elovy Island outcrops were studied using the Acoustpol computed-aided software and hardware system. The density was measured by the Archimedean method. In the samples taken from the Outokumpu drill hole (Finland) the following has been found: an effect of linear acoustic absorption anisotropy (LAAA), microcracking, and heterogeneity. Though, some samples have shown such effects as angular unconformity of elastic anisotropy and LAAA, and shear wave depolarization (SWD). Studying these properties has demonstrated that almost all the analyzed rock samples manifest elastic anisotropy, and are characterized by an orthorhombic type of elastic symmetry. The LAAA pattern in the samples is related to the presence of natural microcracks. The effect of shear wave depolarization indicates angular unconformity between the orientation of LAAA and elastic symmetry elements. The variation of parameters when applying uniaxial load was studied in the samples of the Finnish drill hole. The investigation has displayed that the increasing pressure first provokes nonlinear growth of longitudinal and transverse velocities. It can be accounted for by a partial collapse of microcracks in the samples. Further increment of load results in slight linear velocity increase. In addition, 15 samples from Elovy Island were examined. These mainly represent anhedral and subhedral garnet granulites. The mineral composition of the samples varies quite widely. Some samples are dominated by plagioclase (Pl, 85%), the other - by garnet (Gr, up to 60%) and clinopyroxene (Cpx, up to 60%). The density variation is defined by plagioclase to garnet+clinopyroxene proportion, where the upper values are caused by the high content of the latter. A minor LAAA effect has been registered in these samples. The rates of elastic anisotropy, such as anisotropy factor and anisotropy index calculated on the basis of velocity matrices vary insignificantly. It implies that the rocks with high portion of garnet and clinopyroxene cannot show strong elastic anisotropy because these minerals themselves are weakly anisotropic. However, xenolith samples with high portion of plagioclase have also yielded low values of measured anisotropy due to the disorientation of crystallographic grain axes. In whole, the anisotropy of the xenoliths is weak, and the parameters of elastic anisotropy in these xenoliths vary insignificantly, i.e. 1-5% in longitudinal waves, and 2-10% in transverse waves. The weak elastic anisotropy of these samples indicates that the stressed state of rocks at an occurrence depth of these xenoliths is close to hydrostatic, implying the absence of notable tectonic stress.

    Main publications:
    1. Kovalevsky, M.V., Gorbatsevich, F.F., Trishina, O.M. Elastic anisotropy of the rocks from the bottom of the Outokumpu drill hole section (Finland) // Physical acoustics. Nonlinear acoustics. Wave propagation and diffraction. Geoacoustics. Proceedings of the XŇ symposium of the Russian Acoustic Society. V.1. - Moscow: GEOS, 2008.- Pp.336-340.
    2. Kovalevsky, M.V., Gorbatsevich, F.F., Trishina, O.M. Rock elastic anisotropy in the core samples from the Outokumpu drill hole section (OKU) under the pressure in the depth range of down to 1 km // Geoecology. Engineering geology. Hydrogeology. Geocryology.- 2009. - No.2. - Pp.180-188.
    3. Myasnikova, O.V., Trishina, O.M., Kovalevsky, M.V., Gorbatsevich, F.F., Shekov, V.A. Structure and properties of the granites from deposits of nonmetallic bulding materials / Sci. Ed. Voytekhovsky, Yu.L. // Proceedings of the VI All-Russian (with international contribution) Fersman Symposium. Apatity, May 18-19, 2009. - Apatity: K&M, 2009. - Pp.226-230.
    4. Myasnikova, O.V., Trishina, O.M., Kovalevsky, M.V., Gorbatsevich, F.F., Shekov, V.A. On physical and mechanical properties of the granites from some building materials' exploration sectors in Karelia // Proceedings of the X International Conference "Physical, chemical, and petrophysical investigations in the Earth Sciences" in memoriam of Prof. Yu.S. Genshaft. Moscow: 2009. Pp.274-276..
    5. Trishina, O.M., Kovalevsky, M.V., Gorbatsevich, F.F. Variation of rock elastic anisotropy in the core samples from the Outokumpu drill hole section (OKU) under pressure // Proceedings of the All-Russian (with international contribution) Scientific Workshop "Complex geological and geophysical models of ancient shields" devoted to the 50ieth anniversary of the Laboratory of Geophysics, Geological Institute KSC RAS, September 28-30, 2009. - Apatity: Geological Institute KSC RAS. 2009. - Pp. 93-97.
  12. Name: Aleksandr Tskhoidze
    Photo of Aleksandr Tskhoidze
    Place of work: Voronezh State University
    Date of birth: 21.03.1982
    Research title: Amplitude and phase fluctuations of the sound field in shallow water in presence of internal waves.
    Main results:

    Nonlinear (soliton-like) internal waves (NIW) in shallow water form non-stationary anisotropic structure of water environment influencing on propagation of the sound signals. Recent experiment Shallow Water 2006 (SW'06) carried out in shelf zone of Atlantic coast of USA was dedicated to research of the sound propagation in the presence of hydrodynamic perturbations of such nature. In given work we consider effects due to multipath propagation provided by horizontal refraction, in particular Lloid's mirror effect in horizontal plane. For comparatively long-time signal interference between direct and refracted signals can take place, if radiated pulse is short, then direct and refracted pulses will reach the receiver with some temporal delay. Arrival times of these pulses are determined by structure of medium and positions of the source and receiver. This effect of the doubling of received signals was registered in SW'06 experiment for the corresponding orientation of the acoustic track We get that typical values of distance along of an acoustic track where acoustical effects can be manifested are ~20-25 km, so difference in arrival times for horizontal rays for these distances can be ~0.1 s. For typical parameters of NIW time of passing area, where can be observed these acoustical effects, is about ~50-60 min (time during which we can observe acoustical manifestation of horizontal refraction). Next, while moving of NIW interference pattern is also moving along horizontal line array. As changing of interference pattern is caused by horizontal refraction, we can estimate velocity of interference maximums. For experimental conditions it is 4.5 m/s. Experimental value is of the same order. The last result is getting equation for measuring angle of horizontal refraction using spatial period of beating along horizontal array.

    Main publications:
    1. B. Katsnelson, M. Badiey, J. Lynch, A. Tshoidze. Low frequency sound pulses propagation in shallow water // Proceedings of the 8th European conference on Underwater Acoustics. - Carvoeiro, Portugal: 2006. - P. 217-222.
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    5. B. Katsnelson, A. Malikhin, A. Tshoidze. Space-time fluctuations of amplitude and wave front of sound signals in shallow water in presence of moving internal waves. - Proceedings of XX session of Russian Acoustical Society, Moscow, 2010.
  13. Name: Sergey Tsysar
    Photo of Sergey Tsysar
    Place of work: Moscow State University
    Date of birth: 13.09.1985
    Research title: └coustical tomography of temperature distribution in medium heated by a focused ultrasound beam.
    Main results:

    Temperature distribution in polymer sample, heated by the high intensity ultrasonic beam, was investigated. In this work the new method of temperature measurement in a focal region of high-intensity focused ultrasonic radiator with temperature field axial symmetry suggestion was proposed. Heating radiator was driven with frequency of 2 MHz. In the method a probe wave transmits through the focal region of the heating ultrasonic radiator perpendicularly to the axis of the intense ultrasonic beam at different distances from it. One of the transducers in the resonator was the receiver and another was the transmitter of a probe wave with reference frequency 3 MHz. The confocal geometry of transducers in the resonator provided low refraction sensitivity, decreased the phase and amplitude fluctuation and allowed the accurate measure of the probe wave phase variation. Numerical algorithm of temperature calculation was based on solution of an integral equation of temperature and probe pulse delay. Probe pulse was transmitted through the heated region at distances up to 30 mm from the axis of heating transducer. Temperature distributions with peak temperature up to 60 ºĐ were obtained. Accuracy of the temperature estimation algorithm using finite number of experimental points was analyzed. Calculation results were compared with thermocouple measurements. Thus, the proposed technique for determining temperature in the focal region of a heating ultrasound emitter makes it possible to determine the temperature profile without knowledge of the acoustic and thermophysical parameters of the medium and the heating source power.

    Main publications:
    1. S.A. Tsysar, S.M. Bobkova, V.A. Khokhlova, V.G. Andreev. "Monitoring of temperature distribution in the focal region of an ultrasonic transducer in polymer sample". // In: Proc. XIX Session of the Russian Acoustical Society (24-28 September 2007, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia), V.2, pp. 107-111.
    2. S.A. Tsysar, O.A. Sapozhnikov, V.G. Andreev. "Recovery of spatio-temporal temperature distribution in the focal region of an ultrasonic transducer". // XI Russian Scientific School "Wave effects in inhomogeneity media" thesis (26-31 May 2008, Zvenigorod, Russia), Sec.1, pp.67-70.
    3. S.A. Tsysar, O.A. Sapozhnikov, V.G. Andreev. "└coustical tomography of temperature distribution in medium heated by a focused ultrasound beam". // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Series Physical. 2009. Vol.73, N.4, pp.529-532
  14. Name: Marina Volkova
    Photo of Marina Volkova
    Place of work: Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute
    Date of birth: 02.27.1984
    Research title: Investigation of the effect of various technological processes involved in production of polyurethane-based acoustic protection means on their acoustic, strength and operation performance.
    Main results:

    Scientific development and exploratory investigations on potting technology and fabrication of the various acoustic protection means from polyurethanes with the help of the vacuum of mixture device were carried out.

    Potting technology was perfected with reference to polyurethanes that present compositions from two components. Depending on practical problem put by special ingredients (additives, dye staffs and etc.) were doped in one of component (preliminary polymer). So, for increasing sound absorbing characteristic and reduction of material mass in polyurethanes nanopowder Expancel was added.

    Test of laboratory polyurethane samples on splitting, peeling and abruption from metal were fulfilled. Test showed good adhesion between polyurethane layers also in the absence thereof special preparing the connected surfaces or glue using. The extensive search of gluing composition permitted to select the glue for metal and polyurethane connection. As result, technology of fabrication of acoustic protection means from polyurethanes is simplified as compared wit rubber ones. And what is more, high-priced technological rigs are not required since polyurethane polymerization takes place under indoor temperature.

    Manufactured acoustic protection means from polyurethane of different designs demonstrated excellent acoustic, strength and operation performances.

    Main publications:
    1. Prospects for development of new technologies for multi-functional polyurethane-based coatings. M. Volkova, KSRI, 2nd category engineer, P. Metelkin, KSRI, 1st category engineer (Materials of the 6th youth scientific & technical conference "Looking into the Future-2008". St. Petersburg, FSUE CDB ME "Rubin", 2008, 481 pages.
    2. New polymeric materials with enhanced acoustic and endurance performance. M. Volkova, Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute (manuscript).
    3. Advanced elastomeric materials for large-size components of vessels. T. Starostina, A. Starostin, M. Volkova, Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute (manuscript).
  15. Name: Evgeniy Voznesenskiy
    Photo of Evgeniy Voznesenskiy
    Place of work: Moscow State Mining University
    Date of birth: 08.08.1986
    Research title: Geo-media destruction diagnostics by the method of the acoustic wave's registration.
    Main results:

    The applications of elastic waves in the geo-medium are provided in two directions. One of them has been connected with registering elastic waves, i.e. acoustic emission, (AE) during rock deforming and destroying. The other one uses impact or vibrating reaction analyses. This work studied both the directions. It has been established during AE measuring at coal loading, that the correlation factor of the AE parameters from two or more sensors in different places of specimen at the stage of the limiting deforming has the positive sign. On reaching some pre-destruction tension the correlation factor changes his sign to negative value. This regularity also has been verified on results of the in-situ seismic activity observations during working-off the coal-bed "Ernestine" in Germany. Acoustical response in anchor after impact has been analyzed in the research of the second direction. By computer and in-situ modeling it has been established, that spectrums of this response can characterize properties of geo-medium where anchors are installed. The realized tests on different ground type, such as loam, clay sand and sand showed a good identification of the type of rock. This method has been used for quality control of the anchors of the walls in clipping room in Serebryanoborskiy tunnel in Moscow. The application of this method allowed detecting bad anchors, which had small load.

    Main publications:
    1. Zakharov V.N., Voznesenskiy E.A. Diagnostic of the roof anchors of the mine working by the spectral analyses of the acoustical response // Proceedings of the XVIII Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, B. 1., Moscow: GEOS, 2006, pp. 283-287.
    2. Voznesenskiy E.A. Identification of the bad anchors of underground mine working by the acoustical response analyze // Proceedings of the XIX Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, B. 1., Moscow: GEOS, 2007, pp. 365-369.
    3. Shkuratnik V.L., Voznesenskiy E.A. Spatial correlation of the acoustic emission parameters in pre-limited and post-limited conditions of the rocks by their deforming // Proceedings of the XIX Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, B. 1., Moscow: GEOS, 2007, pp. 369-372.
    4. J. Luo, E.A. Karjadi, M. Badiey, A. Tshoidze, B. Katsnelson, J. Lynch, J. Moum. Observation of sound focusing and defocusing due to propagating nonlinear internal waves. - J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Express Letters. - 2008. - Vol.124. - No.3. - P. 66-72.
    5. Voznesenskiy E.A. Wave process modeling in support anchors // Proceedings of the XIX Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, B. 1., Moscow: GEOS, 2008, pp. 273-277.