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ASA and NAG scholars 2006
ASA scholars
  1. Name: Ivan Belyaev
    Photo of Ivan Belyaev
    Place of work: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
    Date of birth: 11.08.1983
    Research title: Sound scattering by a Rankine vortex
    Main results:
    The scattering of sound waves by a Rankine vortex has been studied in two dimensions for the case where the wavelength of the incident sound is much larger that the radius of the vortex (the Born limit), the Mach number is small, the total circulation of the vortex is non-zero, and the viscosity and thermal effects are negligible. It has been shown that the main difficulty of the problem does lie in the slow decrease of the average velocity field, impeding the correct problem formulation, and that the boundary conditions used by previous researchers were in fact non-physical and resulted in arising of multiple solutions, including solutions with the singularities in the forward scatter direction. A new approach has been proposed, which allows to regularize the problem and to find the single solution conforming to the physical essence of the problem. The new analytical solution for the cases of both resonant and non-resonant scattering has been obtained. It has been shown that the solution for non-resonant scattering has no singularities in any direction and that the solution for the case of resonance generalizes the existing solutions for resonant scattering and resolves the contradiction between them.
    Main publications:
    1. Belyaev I.V., Kopiev V.F. Sound scattering by a Rankine vortex // Proc. XVII Intern. Conf. "Hydrodynamic Instability and Turbulence," Moscow, Russia, 2006
  2. Name: Semen Evtukhov
    Photo of Semen Evtukhov
    Place of work: M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Acoustics
    Date of birth: 09.10.1980.
    Research title: Acoustical tomography of nonlinear parameter and thermoacoustical medium properties; applying to the medical diagnostics problems.
    Main results:
    The recent investigation shows that using of active-passive mode is perspective in the acoustical thermotomography problems. This mode gives an opportunity of a statistical estimation both the temperature, and the linear acoustic characteristics of medium. The offered scheme of acoustic correlation thermotomography allows to realize separate reconstruction of a picture of distribution of the listed acoustic and temperature parameters. The experiments confirming opportunities of an active-passive mode of acoustic thermotomography are lead where was illustrated the possibility of reconstruction of local values of absorption and sound speed heterogeneity.

    The works on reconstruction of spatial distribution of nonlinear acoustic parameter are conducted also. It is proposed a modified wave approach to solving the problem of reconstructing the acoustic nonlinear parameter distribution. The approach uses the effect of sound scattering by sound, which makes it possible to employ a complicated time processing of signals instead of spatial processing and, consequently, to reduce the number of transmitting and receiving transducers. The possibility of practical implementation of a two-dimensional tomographic scheme based on coherent correlation processing of broadband quasi-random signals at combination frequencies is analyzed. Results of model numerical experiments on reconstructing complicated spatial distributions of the nonlinear parameter are obtained.

    Main publications:
    1. Burov V.A., Darialashvili P.I., Evtukhov S.N, Rumyantseva O.D. The experimental modeling of processes of active-passive thermoacoustical tomography // Acoustical Physics, vol. 50, ╣ 3, pp. 243 254, 2004.
    2. Burov V.A., Darialashvili P.I., Evtukhov S.N, Rumyantseva O.D. Active-passive thermoacoustical tomography: the results of model experiments // Proc. of the XV Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, Physical acoustic, vol. 1, pp. 9 12, 2004.
    3. Burov V. A., Evtukhov S. N., Tkacheva A. M., Rumyantseva O. D. "Acoustic Tomography of the Nonlinear Parameter by a Small Number of Transducers" // 2006, Acoustical Physics, 52, No. 6, pp. 655-669.
    4. Burov V.A., Evtukhov S.N, Matveev O.V., Rumyantseva O.D. The methods and possibilities of non coherent acoustical correlation tomography // Biomedical technologies and electronics, 2005, V 4-5, PP.55-63.
  3. Name: Anastasia Kuznetsova
    Photo of Anastasia Kuznetsova
    Place of work: Undergraduate student, Department of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves, Faculty of Nonlinear Processes, Saratov State University
    Date of birth: 19.09.1986
    Research title: The acoustic waves in structures containing piezoelectric plates, dielectric and conducting layers.
    Main results:
    The influence of metal and dielectric layers on zero-order acoustic waves propagating in lithium tantalite piezoelectric plate was theoretically studied. It has been shown that waves in plates characterized by greater gravimetric sensitivity than surface acoustic waves in same material. Moreover, it has been established that decreasing of plate thickness and dielectric permittivity of loading material leads to increasing of wave sensitivity. The influence of dielectric layers on characteristics of aforementioned waves in lithium tantalite plate contacting with liquid was also investigated. The analysis showed that the presence of liquid leads to increasing of sensitivity of investigated waves. Moreover the new method of change in temperature coefficient of delay (TCD) of acoustic waves in piezoelectric plates at the high level of electromechanical coupling has been suggested. This method assumes to use the structure containing the piezoelectric plate and liquid with the special dependence of permittivity on temperature. It has been shown, that SH0 wave propagating in structure "YX LiNbO3 plate - butyl acetate" at hf = 700 m/s (h = plate thickness, f = frequency), characterized by zero TCD at K2=30%.
    Main publications:
    1. Joshi S.G., Zaitsev B.D., Kuznetsova I.E., Kuznetsova A.S. Gravimetric sensitivity of acoustic waves in piezoelectric plates// Journal of Commun. Technology and Electronics. 2005. V. 50. N 6. P. 647-651.
    2. Kuznetsova I.E., Zaitsev B.D., Joshi S.G., Kuznetsova A.S. Gravimetric sensitivity of acoustic waves in thin piezoelectric plates in presence of liquid// Techn. Phys. Letters. 2006. V. 32. N 8. P. 729-731.
    3. Zaitsev B.D., Kuznetsova I.E., Joshi S.G., Kuznetsova A.S. New method of change in temperature coefficient of delay of acoustic waves in thin piezoelectric plates // IEEE Transaction on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control. 2006. V. 53. N 11. P. 2113-2120.
    4. Kuznetsova I.E., Zaitsev B.D., Joshi S.G., Kuznetsova A.S. New method of change in temperature coefficient delay of acoustic waves in thin piezoelectric plates // Proceed. of IEEE Ultrasonics Symp. 2005. P. 1272-1275.
    5. Kuznetsova A.S., Zaitsev B.D., Kuznetsova I.E., Joshi S.G. Gravimetric sensitivity of plate acoustic waves for biological and chemical sensors.// Proceed. of VIII Int. Conf. "Wave Electronics and its Applications in Inform. Telecom. Syst.", 2005, 4-8 Sept, St.-Petersburg, Russia, P. S2-17.
    6. Zaitsev B.D., Joshi S.G., Kuznetsova I.E., Kuznetsova A.S. Gravimetric sensitivity of fundamental acoustic waves in piezoelectric plates for metal and dielectric massloading layers// WCU/UI. 2005. Aug. 28 - Sept. 1. Beijing, China. Program and Abstracts, p.15.
    7. Kuznetsova A.S., Zaitsev B.D., Kuznetsova I.E., Teplykh A.A., The refraction surfaces of zero order acoustic waves in thin piezoelectric plates. .// IX Int. Conf. "Wave Electronics and its Applications in Inform. Telecom. Syst.", 2006, 9-12 Oct, St.-Petersburg, Russia, Program and Abstracts P. 40.
  4. Name: Anna Kurazhova
    Photo of  Anna Kurazhova
    Place of work: General physiology department, St-Petersburg State University
    Date of birth: 5.05.1984
    Research title: The speech development of twins during the first year of life depending on specificity of interaction in triad "mother-twins"
    Main results:
    The aim of the study was to investigate speech development of twins subject to interaction specificity in triad "mother - twins". The objects of the study were 5 pairs of twins during the first year of their life. The analysis of interaction in triads on a base of assessment of video recordings, acoustical and fonetical analysis were held.

    The analysis of data showed that not all characteristics that are specific for normative maternal speech behavior were presented in maternal speech behavior of twin's mothers.It was shown that all the children pronounced little number of sounds when interacting to their mother. [a] and [e]-like sounds predominated in the vocalizations of the children. The quantity of vocalizations and phonetically determined vowels with the formant structure have been increasing by the age of 12 months. The meaning of a pitch in a calm comfortable sound stayed high during the first year of children's life (300-560 Hz). The meaning of the first formant frequency didn't change in [a] and [e]-like sounds, the meaning of the second formant frequency were decreasing at a level of tendency.

    It was shown that mother interacted equally with both children in one triad during the first year of their life. The differences in mother-child interaction with the first and the second child were established for the other triads. For instance, it was shown for the second triad that the simple maternal speech with meaningless words, that was addressed to the first child, led to the complication of vocalizations of this child: appearing of babble at 6 months of age, the variety of syllabic constructions at the age of 9 months, predominance of babble as compared to the other vocalizations. The speech with the bigger modification of intonation, addressed to the second child, didn't lead to such result. Probably the better speech development of the first child might be due to the order of his birth, because he was exposed to risk in a less degree during the process of birth. The confirmation or refutation of this conclusion will be interesting for the future work .

    Main publications:
    1. Lyakso E.E., Gromova A.D., Bogorad M.A., Razumikhin D.V., Kurazhova A.V., Romanova O.A., Frolova O.V., Novikova I.V., Galunov V.I. Sounds and speech database of children of the first three years of life// Proceedings of the XVI session of the Russian acoustic Society, M., 2005, pp.589-592.
    2. Lyakso E.E., Gromova A.D., Kurazhova A.V., Romanova O.A., Ostroukhov A.V. Speech development during the first three years of life subject to deprivation and desease factors //The journal of Psychology, V.27, ╣ 2, p.104-112, M., 2006.
    3. Lyakso E.E., Kurazhova A.V., Gromova A.D., Ostrouxov A.V. Recognition of words and phrases of 4-5-years-old children by adults// "Specom" International workshop "Speech and computer", SPb, 25-29 June 2006.Proceedings, pp. 567- 571.
    4. Kurazhova A.V. Speech interaction in triad "mother-dyzigotic twins" during the first year of life // Materials of XI international scientific conference "Child in contemporary world".Saint-Petersburg, 2004.P. 190-193.
    5. Kurazhova A.V., Lyakso E.E. Comparative analysis of early speech development in twins and single-birth children // Materials of XII international scientific conference "Child in contemporary world".Saint-Petersburg, 2005.
    6. Kurazhova A.V., Lyakso E.E. Speech development of twins and single-birth children during the firs year of life // Materials of the V All-Russian congress on prenatologycal and perinatological psychology "Through integration of scinces to saving of reproductive health of family".Moskow, 2005.
  5. Name: Evgenya Lazareva
    Photo of Evgenya Lazareva
    Place of work: Moscow State University, Biological Faculty, Department of Vertebrate Zoology
    Date of birth: 23.03.1983
    Research title: The echolocation of killer whales (Orcinus orca) during different activities.
    Main results:
    Our investigations take place around Starichkov Island in the Central Avacha Gulf of Kamchatka Peninsula. The purpose of our work is to measure and analyze the parameters of resident killer whale's echolocation. Underwater sound recording was conducted from an inflatable boat using a Sony TCD-D100 DAT recorder with a mono-hydrophone (Offshore Acoustics, Canada; frequency range 10Hz-40kHz) and a mobile hydrophone. Recordings were made with a sampling frequency 48 kHz. For all trains we measured: length of the train, number of clicks in the train, interclick intervals and repetition rate (clicks/second). We investigate the dependence between the values of this characteristics and between such parameters as: the type of the behavior (we marked out three types: traveling, feeding, socializing); the structure of the group and the number of groups; the distance between whales in the group during the each behavior situation; We divided the hunting behavior into "hunting on a salmon" and "Atka mackerel ". At this stage of our work we find out that: 1) all measured characteristics of echolocation trains are statistically different between behavior activities; 2) During the traveling killer whales produce longer echolocation trains that have a low repetition rate (clicks/second). Under this behavior "buzzes" are used infrequently. These results allow us to suppose that orcas use echolocation to recognize objects on far distances 3) we supposed that while orcas are hunting on a salmon they use echolocation to pursuit a single fish. They rarely use "buzzes", probably because salmon is a big fish and it could be caught with the help of vision. However we supposed that killer whales produced echolocation trains to find the school of Atka mackerel, but to pursuit the single fish they use "buzzes". Atka mackerel is a small fish that spawn in troubled waters. So it is necessary to use "buzzes" to catch it. 4) The results of comparison the parameters of echolocation trains during the hunting on an Atka mackerel and salmon suggest that "hunting on an Atka mackerel" is easier for animals. This explains why orcas sometimes prefer to hunt Atka mackerel, though it is much smaller than salmon.
    Main publications:
    1. Lazareva E.M., Burdin A.M., Hoyt E., 2006 "The echolocation of killer whales (Orcinus orca) during different activities." in Marine Mammals of the Holarctic. Collection of Scientific Papers. SPb. 2006. 589 pages
    2. Lazareva E., Burdin A., Hoyt E., 2006 "The echolocation of killer whales during hunting behavior" in: "Proceedings 21th Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society",Gdynia.
  6. Name: Roman Sitnikov
    Photo of Roman Sitnikov
    Place of work: PhD student, Department of Electrohydroacoustical and Medical engineering, Faculty of Electronics and Electronic Equipment Engineering, Taganrog Institute of Tecnology - Southern Federal University
    Date of birth: 28.02.1981
    Research title: The role of phase relations on interchange of energy and conditions of propagation regular acoustic waves in dispersion-free medium.
    Main results:
    The role of amplitude and phase relations in the nonlinear interaction of regular acoustic waves in quadratic-nonlinear dispersion-free mediums is considered. Within the framework of the general problem interaction of two waves with aliquant integer-valued relations of frequencies (w1=nw and w2=mw, {n,m}=1,2,3 ) and the narrow-band (modulated) waves with a symmetric frequency spectrum (w0 ,wH,B=w0±W ,w0»W ) is separately carried out research.

    Theoretically and experimentally are marked, that change of phase relations in a spectrum radiated signals possible realize redistribution directions of swapping energy from initial waves in secondary, there is an opportunity of control the nonlinear wave processes. By the example of waves difference and total frequencies generated by a narrow-band three-frequency pumping waves, features of realization so-called "condition of phase interdiction" are considered at which generation of these waves is completely excluded. The plane and beam wave models of acoustic field are compared. It is shown, that under the certain phase relations there are additional nonlinear phase shifts in the initial waves. It results in occurrence of a nonlinear dispersion both phase speeds of different frequency component and group speed of wave and also to violation of phase synchronism between frequency components of acoustic signal. Thus it is marked, that propagation of regular waves is accompanied by two interconnected processes - interchange of energy waves between themselves and a nonlinear dispersion. The method of measurement the phase relations in a three-frequency signal with use of Lissajous figures is offered. Experimental researches are carried out. The qualitative agreement of theoretical and experimental research is received. A method for measuring the geometrical dispersion caused by diffraction processes in sound beams is considered.

    The analysis of practical ways the use results of theoretical and experimental research is carried out. For example: the method of reduction the nonlinear attenuation modulated waves of finite amplitude by choice optimum amplitude-phase relations in their spectrum; method of exception the undesirable display of a nonlinear dispersion in systems of communication and control with the acoustic channel of information transfer; high-sensitivity methods of diagnostics acoustic heterogeneity mediums in which basis the condition of phase interdiction is put; methods of measurement the amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics of electro-acoustic transducers and etc. are considered.

    Main publications:
    1. Gavrilov A. M., Sitnikov R. O. Measurement of geometrical dispersion in a sound beam. Acoustical Physics, 2006, Vol. 52, No. 5, pp. 548-554.
    2. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. Nonlinear dispersion of three-frequency wave packet in dispersion-free to the quadratic-nonlinear medium. Experiment. Electronic journal "Technical Acoustics", (http://www.ejta.org/) 2005, 29.
    3. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. Experimental research of a nonlinear dispersion of a three-frequency wave packet by method of Lissajous figures. Proc. XVIII sesion of Russian Acoustic Society. V.1. 11-15 September 2006, pp. 119-123.
    4. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. Use of Lissajous figures for measurement phase relations in spectrum of a three-frequency signal. Proc. institute of higher education. North.-Caucasian region. Engineering sciences, No 3, 2006, pp. 34-39.
    5. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. Measurement of the phase-frequency characteristic of acoustic radiator by a nonlinear method. Proc. TSURE. Taganrog, No. 5(40), 2004, pp. 64-71.
    6. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. Role of phase relations in nonlinear transformation spectrum of three-frequency wave of finite amplitude. Proc. XVI sesion of Russian Acoustic Society. V.1. 14-18 November 2005, pp. 68-72.
    7. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. Research phase dependence nonlinear processes the interaction of two waves with aliquant integer-valued relations of frequencies. Proc. XVIII sesion of Russian Acoustic Society. V.1. 11-15 September 2006, pp. 131-134.
    8. Gavrilov └.╠, Sitnikov R.╬. To the question on influence of phase relations in spectrum pumping waves on characteristics of parametric arrays. Proc. TSURE. Taganrog, No. 9(64), 2006, pp. 120-125.
  7. Name: Pavel Subochev
    Photo of Pavel  Subochev
    Place of work: Institute of Applied Physics RAS, 1st year PhD student
    Date of birth: 15.05.1983
    Research title: The investigation of physical mechanisms and effectiveness of acoustic-emissive generation for diagnostics of continuum media.
    Main results:
    Basing on Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem in Kirhgoff's form the forward problem of fluctuation acoustic thermometry has been solved for isotropic media with negligible thermal conductivity and for particular case of infinite-plane geometry of measuring antenna. The analysis of applicability of passive acoustic brightness method for noninvasive detection and localization of optical heterogeneities under laser impact was performed. It was demonstrated that PAB method allows to achieve high-quality diagnostics results in case of optical heterogeneities located in depth range less than 20 millimeters. The opportunities and features of applying multi-focused antennae based on Fresnel lens to the problems of acoustical brightness thermometry have been studied. The technical feasibility of the device equipped with these antennae has been analyzed.
    Main publications:
    1. E.V. Krotov, A.M. Reyman, P.V. Subochev // Account of frequency dependence of the acoustic absorption coefficient in solving problems of acoustic-brightness thermometry // Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics, Vol.49, P.432, 2006.
    2. E. V. Krotov, A. M. Reyman, P. V. Subochev // On the applicability of acoustical Fresnel lens in millimeter wavelength range to the problems of acoustical brightness thermometry // Proc. of XVI Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, P.639, 2005.
    3. E.V. Krotov, A.M. Reyman, P.V.Subochev // The solving of forward problem for acoustic brightness thermometry of viscoelastic media // Proc. of 10th Conference in Radiophysics, P.32, 2006 [in Russian].
    4. A. M. Reyman, P. V. Subochev // On the applicability of passive acoustic brightness method for localization of optical heterogeneities in laser-heated biological tissue // Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 6437, Alexander A. Oraevsky and Lihong V. Wang Eds., 2007
  8. Name: Ksenia Uplisova
    Photo of Ksenia  Uplisova
    Place of work: Saint-Petersburg university
    Date of birth: 29.08.1979
    Research title: Acoustical characteristics of talking-birds' vowel-like sounds
    Main results:
    For talking birds it is necessary to determine those features which will allow them to give out analogue of that it hears. Hence, it keeps features present in an initial signal. But the structure of sound-production apparatus of birds is differs from human's, and imitated sounds of speech cannot have the same acoustic properties. Earlier it has been shown [D.K. Patterson and I.M. Pepperberg, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 96, 634-648 (1994)] what to divide categories grey parrots' vowel on the basis of spectral maxima frequencies, it is impossible. The purpose of this work is detection the universal characteristics of various categories of the vowel imitated by talking birds. The vowel-like sounds, imitated by a canary, mynah, grey parrots and budgerigars have been analyzed. For all birds many of value of two spectral maxima for various categories of vowel-like sounds were the same. Character of distribution functional dependence of relations the amplitudes from frequency of spectral components was different for a category of vowel sounds: [i], [a], [o], [u]. Thus there is an opportunity of dividing the vowel sounds imitated by some talking birds on the basis of differences of arrangement of spectral maxima on frequency and the relation of their amplitudes.
    Main publications:
    1. Uplisova K. Characteristic of the vowel sounds imitated by talking birds // Sensor systems. - 2004. - Vol. 18, ╣3. - P. 199-206.
    2. Uplisova K. Acoustical characteristics of vowel-like sounds of the grey parrot // XVI Session of the Russian Acoustical Society, Moscow, 2005. - Vol. 3. - P. 96-99.
    3. Uplisova K. The acoustic and auditor analysis of vowel-like sounds of Gray Parrot (Psittacus Erithacus) and Budgerigar (Melopsittacus Undulatus) // Sensor systems. - 2006. - Vol.20, ╣3. - P. 229-237.
  9. Name: Andrey Vilman
    Photo of Andrey Vilman
    Place of work: N. N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute, Moscow.
    Date of birth: 12.09.1979
    Research title: Acoustics fluctuations of the granular media
    Main results:
    Method of nonlinear resonance spectroscopy is applied to experimental research of elastic properties of dry quartz sand. Experimental setup was constructed for resonance patterns investigation. Slow linear and nonlinear elastic properties changing are revealed under acoustical vibrations effect. It is shown this changing are dependent on the acoustical vibration amplitude and are proportional to log of time under the process duration 104 sec in order. The log type of elastic modules changing are related to slow structural reconstruction of the medium. A lot of media with inhomogeneous, mesoscale structure can be characterized by slow relaxation processes the mechanical stress in which is changing in time accord to log low. These processes are the most emphasized in the rocks, where that phenomena is essential rather under the moderate strains of the medium . Besides this it was found the acoustical respond of separate granular of the medium strongly varies in time under the current acoustical signal excitation of the same amplitude. The amplitude respond dependence for the separate granular occurs non-monotone and drastically changing in time as well. And the higher harmonics level fluctuation becomes more pronounced with respect to fluctuation under the fundamental frequency. But the respond fluctuations on sub-harmonic frequency of the signal propagating in granular medium occur the most intensive.
    Main publications:
    1. Vilman └.N., ┼sipov I.B., Bol'shakov G.N. Slow nonlinear acoustical processes in granular media. The Proceedings of the 15-th session of Russian acoustical society. Moscow, 2004.
    2. Vilman └.N., ┼sipov I.B., ┼liseyev N. Yu. Slow nonlinear acoustical processes in granular media. Conference "Fundamental problems of oil field exploitation, extraction and transportation of hydrocarbon stuff". Abstracts of the papers. Moscow, 2004.
    3. Vilman └.N., ┼sipov I.B., Bazhenova ┼.D. Slow nonlinear acoustical processes in granular media. Acoustical Phys. 2005, V. 51, Supl. P. 46-52.
    4. Vilman └.N., ┼sipov I.B., Bazhenova ┼.D. Slow nonlinear acoustical processes in granular media. The Proceedings of the 16-th session of Russian acoustical society. Moscow, 2005.
    5. Esipov I.B., Vilman A.N., Matveyev K.I. Giant acoustics fluctuations in the rock. Topical Problems of Nonlinear Wave Physics. Nonlinear Phenomena in Envirinmental Research (NWP-3), Proceedings, 2005, v. NWP-3, p. 36-37.
  10. Name: Sergey Zelenov
    Photo of Sergey Zelenov
    Place of work: N.N.Andreev Acoustics Institute, Moscow
    Date of birth: 13.06.1983
    Research title: Development of porous sound-proof structures with a rigid skeleton
    Main results:
    In work the engineering method of calculation on the COMPUTER of quantitative dependence of acoustic parameters of porous materials from their physical sizes, such as porosity, the size of a time, tortuosity is offered. According to the offered method, calculation of an impedance, factor of a sound absorption, wave resistance and a constant of distribution for of some samples of porous materials is lead.

    Also measurements of acoustic characteristics for the same samples on experimental wave installation, according to standard techniques have been lead. In work the frequency range of 250-4000 Hz was used. Comparison of results has shown the good consent. It proves expediency of application of calculations by the given technique at designing sound-proof designs and constructions in industrial construction.

    The offered engineering method of calculation can be rather useful at a design stage of acoustic facing. It allows to predict spectral characteristics of factor of a sound absorption without labour-consuming experimental researches, to choose some optimum variant of a design and a way of an arrangement of a plate. Also he can be rather useful at the decision of a return task - to development of specialized materials of porous structure with the most favourable factors of a sound absorption and an impedance.

  11. Name: Anna Zyryanova
    Photo of Anna Zyryanova
    Place of work: PhD student. Acoustics Department, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University
    Date of birth: 26.12.1981
    Research title: Study of physical aspects of interaction between drops/small particles and surface acoustic waves
    Main results:
    The study of interaction of drops and small particles with surface acoustic waves (SAWs) on piezoelectric substrates is of immense importance to develop and create programmable acoustic biochips. It is expected that the creation and mass production of such devices can give rise to revolutionary changes in the tools of modern medicine and molecular biology, as well as micro- and nanochemistry. Although prototypes of such devices already exist (see website www.advalytix.de), however many aspects of their operation remain to be studied. To solve this actual problem it is necessary to study in detail the physical peculiarities of the above-mentioned interaction that is the focus of the present research. The following two new phenomena are experimentally found and a new wave transport mechanism is predicted in this research: (i) Appearance of a quasi-stationary smoothed peak on the drop (like a droplet on the surface of primary drop) is observed in the field of contrary-propagating SAWs. (ii) Self-sustained oscillations of the drop shape (like a droplet movement on the drop) are observed in the field of traveling waves on the slightly inclined substrate. (iii) New (pulse-vibrational) mechanism of the wave transport is theoretically revealed. Contrary to the traditional mechanisms, the impact force for this mechanism is linear with respect to the wave amplitude, and the transport direction may be changed by varying only pulse parameters without a change of the wave propagation direction.
    Main publications:
    1. A.V. Zyryanova and V.G. Mozhaev, Analysis of transport of small-size objects by pulses of surface acoustic waves. International Conference of Students, PhD Students, and Young Scientists on Fundamental Sciences "Lomonosov-2004". Section "Physics". Book of Abstracts. Faculty of Physics. MSU. 2004. P. 35-37 (in Russian)
    2. A.V. Zyryanova and V.G. Mozhaev, Conditions of progressive vibrational transport of small objects under the action of wave pulses of various shapes. Proceedings of IX All-Russian School-Workshop "Wave Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Media". 2004. P. 31-32 (in Russian).
    3. V.G. Mozhaev, A.V. Zyrianova, Analysis of bidirectional vibrational transport of small objects by periodic wave trains of pulses. Proceedings of 2004 IEEE International UFFC Joint 50th Anniversary Conference. P. 1169-1172.
    4. A.V. Zyryanova, B.A. Korshak, and V.G. Mozhaev, Microtsunami on a drop in the field of ultrasonic Rayleigh waves. International Conference of Students, PhD Students, and Young Scientists on Fundamental Sciences "Lomonosov-2005". Section "Physics". Book of Abstracts. Faculty of Physics. MSU. 2005. P. 16-18 (in Russian).
    5. B.A. Korshak, V.G. Mozhaev, and A.V. Zyrianova. Profile of liquid droplet agitated by counter-propagating Rayleigh waves: standing-wave soliton or ultrasonic fountain? In: AIP Conference Proceedings. 2006. V. 838. Innovations in nonlinear acoustics: ISNA17 - 17th International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics including the International Sonic Boom Forum (The Pennsylvania State University, USA. 2005). P. 500-503.
    6. A.V. Zyryanova, V. Laude, and V.G. Mozhaev. The reasons for edge localization of resonance vibrations of nonspherical drops. In: Forum "World Year of Physics at Moscow University". Conference of Young Scientists. Proceedings. Moscow. 2005. P. 6-8.
    7. B.A. Korshak, V.G. Mozhaev, and A.V. Zyryanova Observation and interpretation of SAW-induced regular and chaotic dynamics of droplet shape. In: 2005 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings. P. 1019-1022.
    8. A.V. Zyryanova, B.A. Korshak, and V.G. Mozhaev. Self-sustained oscillations in a drop on a piezoelectric crystal under excitation of traveling surface acoustic waves. In: Proceedings of XVI Session of the Russian Acoustical Society. 14-18 November. 2005. Moscow. GEOS. V. 1. P. 40-44.
NAG scholars
  1. Name: Anatoly Ponomarev
    Photo of Anatoly Ponomarev
    Place of work: PhD student, Department of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University
    Date of birth: 04.01.1981
    Research title: Nonlinear and diffraction phenomena in pulsed ultrasound fields used in modern medical diagnostics
    Main results:
    The research was devoted to medical applications and included investigation of nonlinear propagation of diagnostic ultrasound pulses in biological media, experimental and theoretical study of nonlinear absorption of the total power of acoustic beams, and modeling of devices for optoacoustic diagnostics of prostate cancer. The time-domain algorithm was developed for calculation of 3D acoustic fields generated by 2D diagnostic sources without axial symmetry, like rectangular transducers or diagnostic phase arrays. Numerical simulation of the short pulse propagation was based on the KZK equation that accounts for diffraction, nonlinearity, and absorption. The generation of higher harmonics, their spatial distribution, its dependence on the frequency law of absorption, and modification of the focal area during electronic steering of the ultrasound beam were investigated. Nonlinear absorption of the total power of focused ultrasound beam was studied experimentally and theoretically. Experimentally, the total acoustic power was measured using radiation force balance. The dependence of the power on the distance is measured. The regimes with different wave amplitude are used to investigate nonlinear absorption in the media. Theoretical modeling was based on spectral-domain algorithm, which allows investigating nonlinear effects during propagation of continuous acoustic waves. The results of the modeling agreed very well with the experimental data. A computer modeling of optoacoustic system for diagnostics of prostate cancer was performed to investigate the optoacoustic signal distortion due to finite dimensions of the individual receivers, as well as dimensions and geometry of the entire array. Arrays of the plane, cylindrical and toroidal shape were considered.
    Main publications:
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