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Awarding ceremony
Awarding ceremony
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President RAS Prof. Nikolay Dubrovsky met Dr. Malcolm Crocker in Andreyev Acoustics Institute (AAI) on 5 of April. Dr. Crocker performs successfully the program of cooperation between ASA and RAS as a Chair of the FSU/EEU Committee. Fruitful discussion on the next steps on this way was there.

This program represents valuable support of ASA to young Russian acousticians. ASA program for student support helps them to overcome difficulties they have on their scientific carrier.

This program has been implemented for about five years.This program opened a way for our students to international cooperation. A group from Moscow State University is in close contact with the team from Washington University under Dr. Larry Crum supervision. Dr. Mark Hamilton from Austin University also works fruitfully in cooperation with young Russian scientists. There are some examples of cooperation with European research teams.

Recently 21 nominees from 11 regions of Russia won grants of the Acoustical Society of America. Dr. Crocker had a chance to meet 10 of them personally and perform the awarding ceremony.

ASA scholars 2000


At the meeting Dr. Crocker talked on some perspective areas of acoustics, which need young searching minds. The young awardees in their turn gave short presentations of their current research. There was very friendly atmosphere at the meeting.