Large Vibroacoustic Chamber

The large vibroacoustic chamber serves for the experimental studies of vibration and sound fields of different mechanical structures.

The chamber is intended for the following experimental studies:

  • studies of vibroacoustic characteristics of different mechanical structures excited by different sources;
  • determination of the sound pressure levels and acoustic power of structures under the conditions close to those in a free space;
  • studies of sound and vibration fields of variously shaped shells and measurements of the directional characteristics and levels of their radiation;
  • development of systems for the active compensation of sound and vibration fields and experimental testing of their efficiency;
  • studies of the efficiency of vibration-absorbing materials and coatings used in various mechanical structures (sound-proofing housings, frames, etc.);
  • studies of the properties of newly developed vibration-absorbing materials on lengthy specimens;
  • development and optimization of methods for reducing the noise produced by the articles under test;
  • determination of the noise and vibration characteristics of the articles under test in terms of their compliance with the official standards for the purpose of certification.

Main technical characteristics of the chamber:

  • The chamber is a unique experimental room with the inner dimensions: the length 14 m, the width 9.5 m, the height 12 m, and the volume about 1600 m3.
  • The chamber is built on a separate foundation, which provides low levels of noise and vibration interferences. The chamber allows the measurements under strictly controlled conditions. The concrete floor of the chamber does not rest on the walls of the chamber. The walls of the chamber are covered with a sound-absorbing material. If necessary, the concrete floor of the chamber can be supplied with an additional sound-absorbing coating. The floor of the chamber carries a rotary circle of diameter 5 m and load capacity 3 t. Under the ceiling of the chamber, an overhead-track hoist is installed with the load capacity 2 t.
  • The chamber is supplied with a vestibule of volume about 180 m3 with two gates (entrance and exit) of dimensions 3x4 m2; the vestibule serves for the pre-test manipulations with the articles.
  • The chamber is supplied with an adjacent equipment room with the area about 65 m2.
  • The equipment room contains modern equipment for sound and vibration measurements, recording equipment, and a PC.
  • In the chamber, two long measuring lines are installed for the materials testing: a horizontal line of length about 10 m and a vertical line of length 11 m; both lines are supplied with coordinate units.
  • The dimensions of the entrance gate and the chamber allow the testing of large-size and heavy articles such as automobiles, machines, and other bulky mechanisms.