Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the N. N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute was established to coordinate the fundamental and applied studies in acoustics.

The Scientific Council is a consultative public body working in cooperation with the director of the institute on the problems of scientific, engineering, organizational, economic, and staff policy.

The Scientific Council discusses the following subjects:

  • the main directions of scientific and engineering activities of the institute, the annual and long-term programs of scientific conferences and seminars;
  • the development of new directions of research on the basis of competitions between different projects, the establishment of special research groups forming specialized laboratories;
  • the changes in the structure of the institute and the problems of its economic activity concerning the most efficient use of its scientific and technological potential;
  • the results of the research and development projects carried out at the institute, the reports presented by the heads of the research departments and by the scientists responsible for the individual directions of research;
  • the problems of the education and the improvement of professional skills of the scientific staff, the control and supervision of the post-graduate education and doctoral research projects;
  • the nomination of works for the State Awards, the nomination of scientists working at the institute for awards, academic degrees, and honorary titles, and the conferment of the title of senior research scientist;
  • the final choice of candidates for the open vacancies and the elections for the heads of research departments, the principle, leading, and senior researchers.

Under the aegis of the Scientific Council, specialized sections and commissions can be formed, their chairmen and members being appointed by the director of the institute in accordance with the recommendations given by the Scientific Council. At present, the Scientific Council has the following supplementary bodies:

  • a methodical section that supervises the post-graduate educational programs and lends the necessary assistance to the post-graduate students and their supervisors;
  • an expert committee that estimates the projects presented at competitions and considers the applications for academic titles.

The Scientific Council has 23 members, three of which are appointed according to their positions at the institute (the chairman is the director of the institute, the vice chairman is the first deputy director for research, and the scientific secretary is the scientific secretary of the institute), 4 members of the Council are appointed by the director, and 16 members are elected from the leading scientists of the institute.

Candidates for the election to the Scientific Council are nominated by the staff of the research departments (the list of candidates may include also persons nominated by the previous Scientific Council - but no more than three of them). The election of the Scientific Council takes place at a general meeting of the research staff of the institute on condition that no less than 2/3 of staff members are present. The Council is elected by direct secret voting. The candidates who win the maximal votes become newly elected members of the Council, provided their votes are no less than 50%. The final list of the Council members should be approved by the director of the institute. The term of office of the Scientific Council is three years.

The last election of the Scientific Council occurred on June 16, 2004. The list of its members was approved by the director of the institute on June 17, 2004:

  1. Aleksei V. Gladilin - chairman
  2. Vsevolod A. Pirogov - vice chairman
  3. Vadim I. Litvinov - scientific secretary
  4. Nikolai G. Bibikov
  5. Leonid R. Gavrilov
  6. Oleg P. Galkin
  7. Irina P. Golyamina
  8. Igor B. Esipov
  9. Evgeni A. Kopyl
  10. Vladimir M. Lekomtzev
  11. Valentin I. Mazepov
  12. Mikhail A. Mironov
  13. Rostislav Yu. Popov
  14. Sergei V. Egerev
  15. Samuil A. Rybak
  16. Konstantin D. Sabinin
  17. Andrey N. Serebryany
  18. Vsevolod B. Stepanov
  19. Viktor V. Tyutekin