A Set of Reverberation Chambers

A set of reverberation chambers serves for the experimental testing of the sound insulating properties of construction elements.

The set of chambers can be used for:

  • testing of sound insulating characteristics of panels with the dimensions up to 2,5x2,5 m2; 
  • testing of the sound insulation of closed shells in a diffuse sound field;
  • measurements of the sound insulating characteristics of different elements and panels used in automobiles for the purpose of the development of most efficient means for sound insulation and sound absorption;
  • measurements of the acoustic power generated by different machines and mechanisms;
  • certification tests of various instruments and equipment;
  • estimation of the efficiency of passive means used for the sound insulation of different structures.

Main technical characteristics:

  • the high-level chamber - area 4x9 m2 with sloping ceiling elements,
    chamber volume 160 m3;
  • the low-level chamber - area 4x4 m2 with sloping ceiling elements,
    chamber volume 60 m3;
  • the space for the construction elements under test - 2.5x2.5 m2;
  • provision is made for an extra facility that allows testing of specimens with other dimensions;
  • the low-level chamber for testing construction elements used in the ceiling structures - dimensions 3x3x3.5 m3, chamber volume 30 m3;
  • the area of the equipment room of the chamber is 23 m2.

The equipment room contains modern equipment made in Russia and in other countries. The equipment includes a personal computer, transmitting-receiving, analyzing, and recording devices, and acoustic sources generating a close-to-diffuse sound field in the chamber. All equipment is certified.

The high-level chamber and the vestibule of the equipment room are supplied with an overhead-track hoist of load capacity 2 t. to move the elements under test. The chamber and the vestibule have special gates for large-size elements.
All chambers are connected by communication lines.

The main advantages of the chambers is their large volume that allows the testing of a wide range of structures under strictly controlled conditions.