Ocean acoustics

Underwater sound propagation, sound reflection and scattering from rough surface and bottom as well as inhomogeneities, signal processing, ocean noise, computer modelling of the acoustical fields in the ocean, development of methods and equipment for acoustical monitoring in context of the global climate and ecology control and the anomalous geophysical and geological phenomena prediction.

Acoustics Institute researchers have made the substantial contribution in underwater acoustics. Here are the discovery of long-range sound propagation and zonal structure of acoustical fields in the ocean, working out the wide range of the complex models for inhomogeneity influence on forming acoustical fields, reverberation and noise.

The vast data base has been accumulated on the parameters of the acoustical and oceanological models for the various regions of the World Ocean. This data base provides design and development of various acoustical equipment and its calibration for seismic exploration, fish search, acoustical navigation, pollution control and climate monitoring.