Viktor Sergeevich Grigor'ev

Viktor Sergeevich Grigor'ev


Viktor Sergeevich Grigor'ev was born in 1905 in Moscow.

In 1930, he graduated from the Moscow Power Institute and started working at the All-Union Electrotechnical Institute.

Since 1932, Grigor'ev worked at the Cinema-and-Photography Research Institute and studied the problems of the motion-picture projection and sound-reinforcement equipment for large auditoria. He contributed to the project of the largest cinema in Moscow - the open-air cinema at the Gorky Central Park.

Since 1938 Grigor'ev headed the Acoustical laboratory organized under the Construction Directorate of the Palace of Soviets.

Since  1944 he worked at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - first, at the Acoustical laboratory of the Lebedev Physical Institute, then, at the Acoustics Institute that was organized with his active participation.

During World War II, Grigor'ev carried out a series of research and applied projects aimed at protecting ships prom acoustic torpedoes and mines.

After the war, he supervised the development of hydroacoustic systems and test-benches for the Acoustics Institute and the development of measuring systems for the research ships "Sergei Vavilov" and "Petr Lebedev". He initiated acoustic investigations in Arctic and the experiments at drifting research stations. He was an active participant of these investigations.

Grigor'ev was also involved in tutorial and scientific-organizational activities. He was editor-in-chief of the "Akusticheskii zhurnal" (Physical Acoustics).

The contribution made by Viktor Sergeevich Grigor'ev to the progress of Russian hydroacoustics was marked by a USSR State Award, the orders of the October Revolution and "Sign of Honor", and many medals.