Acoustic scale-preventing device for heat-exchange systems


Development of new acoustic devices for scale prevention in boilers and various heat-exchanging systems without any preliminary water treatment.

Components of the device and principle of its operation

The acoustic scale preventer consists of magnetostrictive transducers and an electric oscillator. The technology of scale prevention in heat-exchanging systems is based on the effect of acoustic vibrations on the structural elements of the system (e.g. heating pipes); this effect leads to:

  • enhancement of crystallization of salts dissolved in water;
  • growth of vapor-gas bubbles;
  • reduction of the hydrodynamic drag in thin pipes of heating systems.
Acoustic scale-preventing device

The places for mounting the transducers and the number of the latter depend on the type of the heat-exchange system.

Degree of readiness

Already 90 sets of acoustic scale preventing devices have been manufactured at the Acoustics Institute and sold to customers. The practical use of these devices showed that one scale preventer set provides full scale prevention in a heat-exchanging system with the total working surface area about 200 square meters when the pulse radiation power is 1200 W. The use of acoustic scale preventers increases the efficiency of heat-exchanging systems and allows one to avoid the chemical water treatment and the periodic cleaning of pipes from scale deposits; hence, it eliminates the necessity to solve ecological problems of chemical waste reclamation after the aforementioned procedures.

The Acoustics Institute is ready to fulfil the orders for the delivery of any complete set of scale preventers and to send qualified specialists to mount the devices.