Sound-insulating and vibration-absorbing, almost nonflammable, environmetally clean structural materials


The principles of the design and the technology of the manufacture of new sound-insulating and vibration-absorbing, almost nonflammable, environmentally clean structural materials, which can be used for the manufacture of ship's furniture and partitions, lining of subway and railway vans, and lining of aircraft cabins.

Degree of readiness Outer view of the samples of structural materials

A technology is developed for the manufacture of structural materials consisting of two layers of fiber boards with basalt wool glued between them. A series of structural materials is designed with sample thickness of 16, 30, 40, 50, and 60 mm. The start for the mass production of these materials is made by their pilot lot produced at a plant. The materials are already used in the manufacture of HF sound systems.

The designed materials are tested. In the frequency range 100-10000 Hz, the sound-insulating effect of the materials increases from 20-30 dB (at 100 Hz) to 50-60 dB (at 10000 Hz). The mechanical loss coefficient is no less than 0.1. The structural materials are approved by the fire safety department and by the health department (a certificate is obtained). The materials are covered by a patent. Comparative sound-insulation characteristics of the materials

In addition to the sound-absorption, the experiments demonstrated the effect of a considerable absorption of electromagnetic energy by these materials, which allows one to use them for protection of rooms located in a zone of high electromagnetic radiation.

A comparative analysis of the sound-insulation characteristics is performed for the developed structural materials and the materials supplied by the Rockwool company (Denmark) for ship cabin lining. The comparison shows that the developed materials can compete on the market and can successfully replace the imported materials.

The Acoustics Institute is ready to fulfil the orders for the practical application of the developed structural materials.