Noise-suppressing coatings


Development of a new type of noise-suppressing coatings for heavy rigid structures and large-size equipment.

Structure of noise-suppressing Sample of a noise-suppressing coating

The coating consists of an ordered system of oscillators - radiators (plates made of aluminum alloy), which are arranged in chess-board order on an elastic layer of foam polyethylene. On the basis of such a structure, a series of coatings is designed with the acoustic parameters of the coatings being determined by the size and thickness of aluminum plates, the thickness and density of the elastic layer, and the ratio of the plate mass to the mass of the elastic layer.

Degree of readiness Efficiency of the noise-suppressing coating

A computational technique and the technology are developed for designing the coatings with the given acoustic parameters. The latter is achieved by choosing suitable coating elements. A test-bench is developed and manufactured. Samples of coatings are manufactured and tested. The coatings provide noise suppression by no less than 8-10 dB in the frequency range from 100 to 1000 Hz, and by up to 15 dB in a 1/2 octave band. The coating can be placed on the noise-generating structure (equipment) without any special treatment of the structure surface. The coating mass is 1 to 6 kg per square meter of the noise-generating surface, depending on the required acoustic efficiency in a given frequency band.

The Acoustics Institute is ready to fulfil the orders for the manufacture of noise-suppressing coatings and to mount them on the structures and equipment to be silenced.