Andreyev Nikolay Nikolayevich

Andreyev Nikolay Nikolayevich


Academician Nikolay Nikolayevich Andreyev was born in 1880 in Moscow to a family of an office employee.

N. N. Andreyev entered the Moscow Higher Technical College in the fall of 1898, and he left it for the Moscow University in 1989, where he became a second-year student.

N. N. Andreyev continued his education at the Goettingen University in Germany in summer 1904, and, later, at the Basel University.

N. N. Andreyev presented his PhD thesis on "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Effect of Temperature on Light Dispersion" in 1909.

N. N. Andreyev was awarded as a magister from the Scientific council of the Moscow University in September 1917.

N. N. Andreyev became the head of the Acoustical laboratory at the State Experimental Electrotechnical Institute in Moscow in 1921.

N. N. Andreyev published his review on physiological acoustics under the title "Keenness of Hearing" in 1924. The review appeared in the first issue of "Zhurnal prikladnoi fiziki" (Journal of Applied Physics).

He published his book "Fizika" (Physics) intended for nonprofessional readers in 1925.

Since 1926, Andreyev worked at the Leningrad Physicotechnical laboratory under the supervision of A. F. Ioffe. Here, Andreyev established a new Acoustical laboratory.

In summer 1928 he was sent together with a group of scientists from State Physicotechnical Institute to Germany, France, and Netherlands to become acquainted with the design of acoustic transducers and other achievements in piezoelectricity - a new and promising area of research at that time.

On 27-30 September 1931, the first All-Russian Acoustical conference was held in Leningrad. The conference was initiated by N. N. Andreyev and played an important role in the development of Soviet acoustics.

In 1940, Andreyev was invited by Academician S. I. Vavilov, director of the Lebedev Physical Institute, to fill the position of head of the new Acoustical laboratory organized at this institute. Andreyev accepted this invitation, and soon the leading acousticians from all Soviet Union gathered at his laboratory. In the early 1950 s, the laboratory represented in fact an independent institution. It occupied a new separate building that contained acoustic chambers and first-class equipment.

In 1953, N. N. Andreyev was elected member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In the same year, he became a member of the International Acoustical Commission.

In late 1953, the Acoustics Institute was established on the basis of the Acoustical laboratory of the Lebedev Physical Institute. The first director of the Acoustics Institute was L. M. Brekhovskikh - Andreyev's closest ally and colleague. Andreyev himself headed the laboratory specializing in biophysics of human and animal hearing.

In 1954, Andreyev became the editor-in-chief of the "Akusticheskii zhurnal" (Physical Acoustics). This journal was established to replace the previous "Trudy Komissii po akustike" according to Andreyev's recommendations.

On 27 July 1970, Andreyev was given the title of Hero of Socialist Labor and received his third Lenin order and the medal of Hammer and Sickle. Such distinguished award given to Andreyev at the day of his 90th birthday marked the recognition of the great services done by Academician Andreyev to Soviet acoustics.

On December 31, 1970 Nikolai Nikolaevich Andreyev passed away.

N. N. Andreyev was the founder of the school of Soviet acousticians, and the Acoustics Institute was named after him.